For our producers:

The owners of Organic Bean and Grain (OBG) also manage 1,100 organic acres so we understand your concerns and can share our organic production experience since 1994. We offer farmers storage, drying and cleaning of all the crops we market. Most of our purchasing is contracted prior to production and we supply organic seed for all of the crops we purchase. Organic Bean and Grain has established relationships with several reliable customers for your production. Our objective is to develop long lasting relationships based on trust and integrity by striving to provide outstanding service.

For our customers:

Organic Bean and Grain, Inc is a leading producer and supplier directly from the farm of premium-quality, Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GMO), certified organic soybeans, dry beans, spelt, wheat, corn, and other cereal grains as well as organic seeds, and feeds. We have a personal relationship with every producer of the products we sell.

OBG's facilities only handle Non-GMO products which are certified organic or produced organically in transition to organic certification. We insure the integrity and Non-GMO purity of all our seeds, grains and food products by carefully monitoring all levels of production, from the seed selection and growing to the processing, packaging and transportation, to guarantee our customers the highest quality, Certified Organic products.


  • Produce and markets only Non-GMO, Certified Organic, Identity Preserved seeds suitable for food use.
  • Contracts with carefully selected, Certified Organic growers.
  • Inspections of seed production are conducted by Michigan Crop Improvement Association, government certified, crop inspection agencies to ensure varietal purity, plant characteristics, clear isolation and buffer strips.
  • Private laboratories analyze seed samples to confirm GMO-free purity.
  • Proper storage and transportation guidelines are followed to ensure product segregation.
  • All commodities are processed and packaged with critical adherence to USA organic quality standards.
  • Laboratory testing includes genetic (DNA) testing to insure GMO-free purity.
  • Products are certified organic by Global Organic Alliance.
  • EU and JAS certified product available.